Using top quality equipment for all Delray Beach sprinkler installations

different sprinkler headsEquipment: Every Brand, Every Component

We have the latest and greatest technology that you can take advantage of. We use and service brands such as KRain, Rainbird, Toro, and more.

Backflow Units

This piece of equipment ensures that water travelling to your home will only flow in one direction. This protects the water supply from contamination from waste water.

Rain Sensors

These units measure rainfall to adjust or shut off sprinkler valves in the event of heavy rainfall. These units are a legally required component of all Florida home irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Heads

These can vary in design and function, and are designed to create an area of water coverage to lawn and ground cover. All sprinkler heads should limit the amount of water wasted on parked cars, pavement, and structures.

orbit sprinkler controller

Smart Controllers

Computerized timers that automate the watering schedule of your yard based on any number of factors depending on the controller. These factors include weather, soil moisture, sunlight, and meteorological data.

System Design and Coverage

Our Delray Beach team uses the latest and greatest technology to design your sprinkler system for optimal efficiency. Every pipe we lay is selected to benefit the customer and provide a long service life. If you need someone to turn your notebook sketch into a computer designed reality, we're just the folks.


Whether its a French Drain or a run of the mill American model, we've got your runoff needs covered. We're in touch with the area, soil composition and plant life to provide the best in groundwater health for your property.

Hard Water Solutions

You shouldn't have to get used to rust, salt, or hard water mineral deposits. We'll provide you with the best in filtration, pumps, and water treatment to keep your water crystal clear.

We know how important your home is to you and your family. We'd love to help you keep it looking vibrant and healthy year round, year after year. Call our trained team of Delray Beach contractors today.